About me



I am Araminta, young student girl of Spanish, French and Scottish descent.

I recently finished school in Barcelona, Spain and am now planning on taking a gap year before going to study in the USA (hopefully). It’s now the summer, and I am working in Barcelona at the Sagrada Familia, preparing myself for an uncertain future.

The time line of my life until now is this:
0-7 years: Edinburgh, Scotland
7-13 years: Andorra
13-15 years: England boarding school
15-17 years: Barcelona, Spain
17-infinity years: Anywhere

Thanks to this I speak English (first language), Spanish, French and Catalan.

Now that I’ve introduced myself, I want to explain to you what I am ‘passionate’ about and why I have made this website.

After doing my Extended Essay from the IB in my last year of high school, I discovered that I loved thinking and working on social contemporary issues. My EE was on the link between democracy and education, where I explain a certain process that starts with better education and ends with democracy. This EE got me an A and has been published by the IB on their website (very exciting). It was through this project that I realised that I wanted to study something like this when I go to the US.

I wanted to study something which has philosophy, a subject which makes you think and be self-aware, but I also wanted to apply this to the modern world. I wanted to act upon my thoughts, apply them to what is around us, measure their effectiveness. After I discovered the subject which would help me grow as a person (philosophy) I needed something more to make the link to our world, to make myself useful to society. After some thought, I came up with this: Politics.

I now know what I want to study and what path I wish to take in university, however being a political science student, one juggles between many different opinions. I am still forming my own opinions, adapting them to the new ones I hear, making them as realistic as possible. This is why I want to start this website: to help me argue with myself and find more answers to the many questions and debates everywhere in this world.

I will also be dedicating a part of this website to personal growth. Not only mine, but to readers. This will mean posts about mental health, studying, physical health and other advice.

Hope you enjoy!