About me

I knew from a very young age that I could never have a job I did not like. This proved evident after lasting 3 months working for a huge cathedral/museum,  1 month teaching English and when I happily quit 2 days after working as a hostess for a bar. I was sure there was something wrong. Everyone’s working, why can’t I? Thanks to my gap year I figured out that this, in fact, was a blessing and not a curse. I was craving financial independence.

Why do we work from 9 till 5 doing something we don’t particularly enjoy? Why do we wait excitedly for the weekend to end up spending it on the sofa sleeping because we’re so tired? Why do we work hard when we could work smart? Financial security. We fear being unemployed, we fear not having a steady income, we fear risks. It’s also what we were taught at school. Get good grades, do well in school and you will get a good job which will earn you good money. Sadly, what they don’t tell you is that most of the money you earn will go to the government and you probably won’t be doing what you enjoy.

You have to be creative, you have to think differently. As a student, I still had my mum to support me, however I needed a bit extra. Sometimes it’s easier to just find a job and argue that you have no other choice, which often is not the case. So I decided I did have the choice, and tried something else. I worked for myself. I signed up on freelance websites online and earned money doing something more fulfilling than screaming at tourists to take their hats off in church. I love writing and reading, so I was writing articles, short stories, translating between Spanish and English and even a bit of teaching. I didn’t love all of it, and I wasn’t earning much, but it was a start. I was choosing when to work and who to work for.

So… what is this website for?

It’s my ‘progress-tracker’. I want to find the best way to earn the amount of money I want all while choosing how I work smart. In other words, financial independence. Whether through website creation, articles, investing or buying businesses, I want to find what works best. It’s an experiment. My ultimate goal is to be wealthy; earning enough passive income through assets to pay my necessities each month.

How do I plan on tackling this?

Financial education. In order to earn good money, it is necessary to understand it. The balance sheet, the stock market, the tax laws, everything. And what’s the best part? I don’t have to go to university to understand it all. There is a ton of free information online, books can be cheap and there are plenty of ways to gain experience..

How am I getting started?

I have three projects I am working on at the moment.

  1. Building 10 SEO websites
  2. Education
  3. Drop-shipping products.

For more details visit the Blog page where I send out updates on each one.

How do I have so much time?

Soon, I won’t. I’ve finished my gap year and I will be studying and maybe doing an apprenticeship. All yet to be determined.

Want to learn more?

Read this book.