The job search

I need to get a job. Although I’m a student, I still want a little extra money than what I get for food and rent. I love learning about money, but currently I'm not earning any online (yet), so I have to back to old-fashioned job searching. I tell myself a job in a bar [...]

University: to go or not to go?

I’m starting university in about 2 weeks, and although I’m excited, I’ve always wondered whether it was really necessary to go. 20 years ago, going to university and earning a degree meant getting a good job and getting a stable income. Sadly, this is not the case anymore, and we need to start getting creative [...]

Top 5 financial websites

I decided to do a bit of research on who else is talking about money out in the online world, and it turns out there are more financial websites than I thought. The blogs vary between how to spend as little as possible to how to earn as much as possible. My attitude is more [...]

No more finding excuses

We all love excuses. We get used to finding excuses to help us get out of uncomfortable situations, meaning we don't even think twice before saying 'I can't'. Sometimes we make excuses without even realizing they’re excuses! This mental block sets in our brain, completely denying the possibility of actually being able to do this [...]

5 ways traveling cures low self-esteem

Low self esteem can be hard to ‘cure’. The negative thoughts slowly eat at us, making us feel smaller and smaller: ‘No one cares about me?’ ‘That person is better than me’ ‘I’m not intelligent enough’ ‘I’m too old’ 'I'm too ugly' ‘I just can’t do it’. A low self esteem really means a negative [...]

Who should we listen to?

In this day and age we get bombarded every second by opinions and facts from different sources and people, all saying that they are right. How on Earth do we know who to listen to? Is it the expert who has worked all their life to prove their thesis? Or is it the person who’s [...]

What is Happy Money?

Happy Money is a book written by Elizabeth Dunn and Michael Norton about the science of spending money. Nowadays we all focus on earning more money, thinking this is what will satisfy us. But what if I told you can gain more satisfaction simply by spending money differently. The two authors explain through their research [...]

Why Financial Education?

The sad truth is that most people know nothing about money. And what's worse is that most people’s lives revolve around making money. The education system has failed us. We were never taught what taxes are, what are credit cards, how to save up, how to take out a loan, what are interest rates, and [...]