Obsession with productivity

Productivity. Such an interesting word used by nearly everyone. What does it mean exactly? Efficiency. It means doing more work in less time. That sounds like the optimal state to be in at all times. Everyone wants to be productive, everyone wants to be efficient. However, it comes to the point of obsession. The word is plastered on every blog, every book, every billboard. Dozens of apps are centered around being productive, you have special productivity journals, productivity alarms and productivity pens. I bet you soon there will be productivity nail polish.

It’s an attractive word with an attractive meaning, and since today’s society is all about technology and using time efficiently, no wonder this is the case. As Max Weber said: ‘waste of time is the first and in principle the deadliest of sins’, one I think we could all agree with.

Now I am not saying we should stop being productive, stop using productive apps and stop trying to ‘improve ourselves’, I am simply commenting on how popular it is getting. I love being productive and I am addicted to blogs which help you with time management and efficiency. The basis of productivity is ‘work smarter not harder’, which I think is absolutely great. People are trying to use their brain in creative ways to bring out their maximum potential, it’s fantastic! It’s about controlling time. We are so busy nowadays and everything happens so fast that we like that feeling of owning our time, and that is what productivity essentially facilitates us.

You are waiting for the big BUT. To be honest, I don’t think there is one, only that we need to be careful. Instead of spending hours reading articles on how to be productive, or downloading productivity apps, we need to actually put them into action. The system includes organisation AND action, since without the action there is absolutely no point in organising. Once you set your schedule in, start following it and putting it to use.

The only dangerous part of productivity is the empty promise of ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ and the waste of time of elaborating that promise. Apart from that, I encourage everyone to look to be more productive and seek to improve their time management! Instead of obsessing with the ideology of productivity we need to start applying it and that’s when we will see our lives drastically change.

Why Politics?

This is my first post on this website, and I wish to dedicate it to my future major. If you read the ‘About me’, you know I wish to study Political Science in university, so here I will explain the why.

After introducing myself to someone new, the usual question comes up: What do you want to study? Each time, I say Politics, and each time there is a different reaction. Some people grimace in horror, some people look at me strangely and some people suddenly get very interested. I still don’t know exactly what each reaction means, but I find all of them interesting. If the conversation goes on, they might ask me why, and here it gets a bit complicated. Only once have I been able to explain properly why I wanted to study this major, and it was in French with two Moroccans.

I did a pretty good summary of how I got to the idea of politics in the ‘About me’ page, and why I liked it, but now I would like to explain the topic in itself, without linking it to me.

If we go back quite a few centuries to look at the origin of our society, we see that the very first advances on anything were done by philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle. As they observed the world around us, they drew conclusions and from then on other subjects were created such as biology, chemistry, maths, etc. So for me the real basis of our evolving society is philosophy, since it is the subject which allows us to reflect on basically everything. Now, what is the other ingredient to make sure our society keeps evolving? The people. We have out philosophy, now we need our philosophers. We can all agree that the more philosophers we have, the more advances we can make. In order to do this we need a stable community, a safe one, one where everyone can develop their talents and bring the best out of themselves.

The job of the politician is to organise this. Make sure there is health care, there is protection, there is food and there is education. A good governing system is one which allows everyone to flourish in their society, which will in turn make the society advance more efficiently. It is the foundation of any community. We could say philosophy is a community’s parent, starting point, and politics is the young child which takes over and makes sure the society moves steadily forward.

Being the foundation of any community, politics consists of a little bit of each subject. I could go on and on about the geography, history, maths, science and endless other subject which are involved in this one area of study. And this is why I like it so much. It may sound cringe, but politics has a little piece of each subject in the world, so when I’m studying the foundation of our society, I get to work with all the different subjects which exist, something I find absolutely fascinating and mind-boggling and the same time.

So when people ask me why I like politics, I’m not sure how to phrase all I’ve explained into one sentence, which means either we both end up having a very deep conversation on our society (the best), or the other person thinks I’m just in it for the money (not the best).

Anyway, here is my tried explanation which I hope you understand, if not, go ahead and comment anything you like 😀