Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn

(Had create a story around the phrase ‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn’)

‘There’s nothing on the telly’ I complained. I yawned. I was so bored, when was the last time I had done something fun with my husband? About 3 months ago when we were forced to go to my cousin’s wedding. And that wasn’t even properly ‘fun’.

‘Come on Jerry let’s do something.’ I turned around to look at him.

‘Hmm’ He was too concentrated reading his newspaper. I walked up to him and stroked his cheek. That took his attention.

‘Gemma? What are you doing?’ He looked up. I admired his 45 year old face. Wrinkles were forming around his eyes and his forehead was always crinkled up from all the workload. He needed to relax.

‘Darling, it’s 7 p.m, let’s do something… we haven’t done in a long time’ He sighed and continued reading.

‘Sure, sure. Whatever’

‘Let’s go on a date.’

‘Gemma, I have so much work to do, my boss- ‘

‘OK Jerry, let’s go, no time for arguing.’ I walked over to the mirror and quickly fixed my face. I could feel him roll his eyes as he went for his coat. He knew I was stubborn.

We walked along the river until reaching one of the main streets. This one was famous for all the restaurants it had in one row. Many times we had been here, it brought back good memories.

‘So, darling, which one should we choose today?’ He sighed.

‘Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn’ To this day, I wish he had never said that. I always think ‘what if he had actually chosen one, I wouldn’t be in the chaos I am right now’ I tried blaming it on him, I knew I should, but I blamed it on the world, for being such a horrid place.

‘You’re so indecisive. Let’s go to La Rouge.’ I loved French restaurants and without thinking twice I had chosen this one.

Everything was the usual, smartly dressed waiters with French accents, lovely romantic table, flowers everywhere. Maybe this date wasn’t a bad idea.

We were just finishing our starter, I had chosen the soup of the day, and he had gone for just garlic bread. I swear he was addicted to it. I noticed he was becoming nervous and wouldn’t stop jiggling his feet. After 20 years of marriage I knew it meant he was very anxious.

‘What’s wrong, dear? Are you nervous about this date?’ I chuckled.

‘No, no. Don’t worry, I’m having a lovely time’ He fake smiled at me but wouldn’t stop looking around.

After 5 minutes of this, I confronted him again.

‘Darling, this is not normal, you keep looking around, are you meeting someone here’ This date had been completely spontaneous, I didn’t think he would see someone here. He was ruining the date and was really annoying me.

He was biting his lip and had completely ignored me.

‘Jerry, seriously stop it.’ He looked at me before swallowing hard.

‘Sorry dear, I’m a bit nervous about work.’ Lies. He was looking for someone, or he had seen someone.

Just as we were going to order our first course, people started screaming. I looked around in horror and saw three masked men enter the restaurant, guns in the air.

‘We will not harm anyone, unless one of you run away or phone the police.’ A big muscular guy dressed in black was addressing everyone in the dining room. He was so intimidating, I began crouching down in fear. I stole a glance at my husband. His face was pale and he was breathing heavily. I held his hand. I didn’t want him to act like a hero. Being a policeman, he would always do the best to save everyone. Not this time though, he would get killed without a second thought.

The big guy stood at the front of the restaurant door, while his associates looked around the restaurant. They didn’t go to the counter which surprised me. It was obvious they hadn’t come for money. They seemed to be looking for someone.

Suddenly the scrawny masked guy froze.

‘Found her!’

He quickly grabbed a woman crouching under a table. She looked horrified, trembling over. The big guy grabbed her violently by the arm and headed back to the entrance. She started screaming wildly making the guy slap her hard. Her eyes were full of tears and she was looking in my direction. I didn’t know what to do to help.

‘Leave her alone’ I turned around to see my own husband standing up facing them with a gun in his hand. I started breathing heavily. Obviously he would have a gun, he’s a policeman. Obviously he would try to help, he’s a policeman. But he didn’t realise he was putting his life in danger, and he had family to care for.

It happened in less than a second. In less than a second my life was burnt to a pile of ashes. One of the small associates swivelled round and pointed his gun at Jerry. I screamed.

‘Please don’t’ I shrieked so loud I was left breathless. My eyes widened in horror as the bullet left the masked guy’s gun and hit the only love of my life in his chest. I was so horrified I couldn’t breathe. His body fell on our table with a loud thud.

‘You, woman.’ The big guy was addressing me. ‘If you make any noise we’ll shoot you too.’ Everyone else in the restaurant was silently shaking in fear. I suddenly wasn’t aware of anything around me. I slumped down on my chair and held Jerry by the shoulders. I saw one of his eyes open. A rush of hope appeared out of nowhere.

‘Jerry, please, are you alive?’ I was whispering as tears were falling down my cheeks. I didn’t care about anything else. I didn’t know if the criminals had left.

‘Gemma…’ He slurred his words.

‘Jerry, stay strong, you will survive’ I only wanted to think positive. Dying wasn’t an option. He had to live.

‘Gems- I gotta tell you something’ His eyes were half open, but he was looking at me with intensity.

‘No, no don’t say anything keep in as much energy as you can.’

People started running towards us. I guessed the murderers had gone. I heard someone call an ambulance. Now I just had to keep him alive.

‘Gems… I know the girl they took out.’ I froze. Was that why he had been so nervous?

‘What? Jerry you need to calm down, we will survive this.’

‘No-o’ He was stuttering and I could see blood coming out of his mouth. I was slowly feeling again. I could feel the crowd that had formed around us. I put him into a more stable position.

‘Jerry, be strong’ I kissed his cheek and held onto his hand.

‘Gemma…’ He was still trying to talk ‘You need to save that woman.’ I could hardly understand him.

‘Jerry, you are all that matters now, just hold on’ I was crying uncontrollably but I was trying to keep my composure just for him.

‘I’m sorry I cheated on you. I’m sorry I got involved with all the trading and gangs. But you need to continue my unfinished work. For me, do it.’ He was slowly losing consciousness. ‘Do- do you forgive me?’ He was trying his best to look at me. I couldn’t believe what I just heard. He had never cheated on me that I knew of. Trading of what? What was this? I held Jerry’s head in my hands.

‘Yes, I do. I don’t care about that, just you. Please don’t die.’ And with that Jerry crashed onto the floor. I screamed and scrambled towards him.

‘Someone help him! Please!’ I was shrieking. The only thing I remember after that is being carried somewhere and falling asleep.

That was the day my husband died.

For 2 years I have been trying to continue my husband’s unfinished trading. For 2 years I have been completely lost, not finding any trails leading to the woman who had disappeared that day. The police neither, after 1 year of searching they gave up. But I will not, despite the fact that Jerry had cheated on me.

Yesterday, the police told me they found the coat of the woman who got kidnapped in the restaurant. They told me that they also found a note saying ‘Kill the Bradfields’

My husband’s last name was Bradfield. When we got married we decided to take my surname, Owens.

Please, someone help me solve this mystery.