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I have 6 months of experience giving Spanish lessons through Skype. I started with Fiverr, giving 1 hour classes for $5. Since I only gained $4 from this, I am now selling this service through here.

1st trial class: FREE

Class: 7€


I also sold the service of writing creative short stories for people online. For several months I worked with a Chinese company as a ghostwriter writing Minecraft short stories. If after reading some of my samples you are interested in me writing for you, drop me an email! I charge 0.02$ per word (negotiable price)


I have done this job for nearly a year now, working mostly on Fiverr and Upwork. Although I am not certified, I am completely bilingual in Spanish and English and have experience in this area. I do not translate word for word, I always make sure it makes complete sense in either language. If you are interested in my translating services I translate from English to Spanish and vice versa. I charge 0.02$ per word (negotiable price).