Minecraft Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The creature

Day 1

The boys sniggered as they watched the old woman enter her house. Immediately an unpleasant sound followed by a pierced shriek was heard and the same woman came running out distraught.


The boys could hardly contain their laughter. She was covered in a sloppy mixture of fish, potato, melon, mushroom soup and Notch knows what else. The boys had taken the first items they could find and put them in the woman’s dispenser. As she had entered her door she had stepped on a plate which had activated all the food to be thrown at her, causing her to be presently dressed in the most disgusting combination of smells and appearances.

They loved this. They couldn’t get enough of it. They would go around the town pranking the first person they could find. It was Theo who normally thought up the ideas and it was Stevie who was the bravest and put them into practice. The others would occasionally help, but they were mostly there for the fun and laughs. The times they had been scolded by all the Minecraftians of the village was uncountable, but they still continued.

That day was spent playing tricks on the richer side of the town, where houses built with oak and brick dominated the area. The boys were from the poorer side, meaning they took special delight in harassing the rich. When they got back from their day of pestering, each of them went back to their houses and agreed to meet the following day.

Stevie was the one with the strictest parents, and there hadn’t been an evening where he hadn’t been grounded or scolded. Yet, he still managed to escape his punishments and continue the pranking delight.

Day 2

Today’s plan was to visit one of the most reputable farmers of the town and trouble his entire farm. The group also loved farms because of the large amount of prank possibilities that appeared. They started with the pigs. Pigs are noisy, big and dirty, perfect to annoy a farmer. As usual, Stevie jumped over the fence first and looked around the property to make sure no one was about. It was 8 pm and the family was retiring to bed. He checked where the pigs were and noticed they were all kept in a small field surrounded by a fence.

‘All clear!’ Stevie beckoned the others to follow him.

They opened the fence gate and tried pushing the pigs towards the exit. They made a lot of noise but no one came from the farmer’s house. As five of the boys were trying to push the pigs out, Stevie noticed a light coming from a little hut on the other side of the field.

‘I’ll be right back, just noticed some weird light. I bet you it’s some magical stuff’

‘Steve you gotta help us do this’ Tim stopped him

‘I’ll be 5 seconds’ He ran past Tim and reached the door of the little hut. It was made of a nice brick and had a thatched roof. The little wooden door was closed but let out enough light through the cracks to be noticed.

He took a breath and mustered as much courage as he could. ‘Now ain’t the time to despair, Stevie’ He whispered to himself.

He opened the door and heard a little squeal. It was a pig. Stevie exhaled in relief. He closed the door and kneeled towards the little pig. He grabbed it between his arms and left the little hut. Suddenly, the pig popped out of his arm and fell to the ground. It was missing two legs. Without notice, the pig started growing two arms and was getting taller and bigger. Stevie, shocked and frightened to death started walking backwards. The pig was slowly turning himself into… a zombie? It didn’t look like a zombie though. Stevie gasped in realisation.

‘ZOMBIEPIGMAN!!!!’ He screamed and waved at the others to follow him. Soon all the six boys were screaming and howling, running away from the creature. They had left the pigs in a hurry, which were now scattered across the farm.

Stevie rushed to his nice cosy house, panting and sweating. This had definitely been the scariest prank of them all. He had never seen a zombiepigman in his life, but he was pretty sure that the creature he had seen was indeed one, he recognised it from fairy tales and myths which circulated round Minecraftia. The boys had dispersed to their houses without another word, too scared to even look behind. Only Stevie had seen that Zombiepigman, but they were all just as scared.

Stevie went to bed trembling and terrified that night. All they had wanted to do was play an innocent joke, and instead they got the fright of their lives. What if they had been pranked? What if it had just been a zombiepigman in disguise? Stevie suddenly grew angry at that thought. Obviously, zombiepigmen didn’t exist, it was just a really good disguise. Stevie went to sleep with the determination of going back to that farm and seeing if the zombiepigman was really there.