To follow my each step and to make sure I get through each goal, I have developed a simple but effective plan:

  1. The right mindset

My journey of financial independence started when I read this book:

robert kiyosaki rich dad poor dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


It taught me I should not work for money, but make money work for me. That it’s better to bethe owner than the boss. I realised that once I adopted the right mindset I would keep working until I found a way to earn an income the way I wanted to and how I wanted to.

2. Research

With little money in the bank and no assets I research how I could start earning money online and in turn invest this money into financial education or other types of investment. This is what I find out:

  • Through keyword research and SEO I can build websites which could earn me a passive income each month (after a certain amount of work of course). Started following Mike Omar’s Action Plan at 

Cost: 250$ to create 10 websites plus several months of writing articles and websites

  • Fiverr and Upwork. I have used these websites before. The skills I can sell are writing blog articles and short stories and translations Spanish-English.

Cost: Signing up is free, but pay is considerably low and I have to wait 2 weeks to receive it.

  • This website. I plan on updating this website as often as possible and will experiment SEO and other types on it.

Cost: 88$ already paid plus writing articles.

3. Action

My 3 projects at the moment are: building 10 SEO websites, Financial Education and a Drop-Shipping business.

My goals for the next month are the following:

  • Finish Financial Statements by Thomas R. Ittelson
  • Research and choose products to drop-ship
  • Find 10 keyword themes for the 10 websites.