University: to go or not to go?

I’m starting university in about 2 weeks, and although I’m excited, I’ve always wondered whether it was really necessary to go. 20 years ago, going to university and earning a degree meant getting a good job and getting a stable income. Sadly, this is not the case anymore, and we need to start getting creative about our jobs.


Pros of going to university:

  • A degree/diploma means we have proof of study.
  • We experience living in a community and make lifelong friends.
  • More time to adjust to adulthood.
  • Get to experience life away from home
  • Gain new and different skills
  • On average will earn a better salary than those without a degree


Cons of going to university:

  • Can be expensive (depending on which country you live in) and you can end up in a lot of debt.
  • Not gaining work experience
  • Waste of time and effort if you don’t know what to study
  • Not earning any money

So you see the list of pros is longer than the list of cons. Does that still mean everyone should go to university? No. It really depends on each individual. Although in order to be a lawyer or a doctor, a degree is absolutely necessary, most other jobs don’t absolutely require a degree. Instead of going to university, young adults can choose to follow a paid apprenticeship which later will become their full-time job. Some people are simply not made for academics, and that is absolutely fine if they know the other path they wish to take.

I’ll be studying Accounting with Law at university, something I’m doing out of practicality more than passion. As can be determined through this website, I think financial education is extremely important, and so I believe a proper foundation in Accounting will help me understand money. I know that by understanding the concept of money I will be able to earn an income the how I want and when I want.

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Don’t feel pressurized

University is like another environment between high school and the real world. It’s a great way to try different things like joining a club, starting a band, etc. It’s exciting and interesting. But it’s more books, more teachers and more exams. This can get tiring and can remove all motivation to continue studying. If you’re not sure what to do, take a gap year. You don’t need to be rich, have a detailed plan or travel the world to take a gap year, just the right mindset to try something new.

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