Top 5 benefits of hiring a social media manager

You decide to take your business to the next level: social media. Can’t be too hard, can it? You think that all you have to do is post a few articles, answer some comments and you’ll be away. You spend a whole day working on what you think looks like a great Facebook page. Satisfied with your work, you wait for the followers to come tumbling in. In one week you get about 10 followers. You just spent an entire day working just for 10 followers, and it feels useless. What’s missing? You don’t know how to attract more followers and you don’t want to go down the ‘fake likes’ path. Plus, you’re very busy and you want an audience as soon as possible. You are overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do. The solution: social media manager. A professional in charge of keeping track of your social media and who knows exactly what to do in order to attract more clients. Here are 5 perks of having one:

  1. They are professionals

This person/group of people you are hiring is a professional. They have experience in many different social networks and they know exactly what to say and when. They know how to build a relationship with the audience, and they know how to keep a presence. Consistency is key in social media, so they will have a schedule of when and where to keep updating. They understand the different trends and they know how to adapt to them.

  1. Brand Recognition

You want people to notice you and to be interested in you. A social media manager will make sure this is the case. They know how to build your brand and reputation in such a way that you have a strong presence which cannot be ignored. They know how to make sure your work is exposed to an audience.

  1. The effort

People think that social media managing is something anyone can do with enough effort. That is true, but the key word here is efficiency. You could spend 10 hours a day working on each social media platform and you might not get the response you were expecting, meaning it will take you much longer to gain a larger audience. A professional knows how to get feedback rapidly, and you won’t be the one wasting the effort.

  1. New ideas

You might think a social media manager won’t know what to post or whether they are giving the right impression of you. First of all, the manager will have in depth knowledge of your business content and what you wish to be posting. Second of all, you will always be in contact. Third of all, this person will have the ability to ‘think out of the box’. If you get worried that your posts are becoming too monotonous, try it out with a professional. A little bit of variation is great for business.

  1. You have the advantage

It is clear that you have the advantage when you hire a social media manager. As stated before, everyone thinks that managing social media is something any amateur can do. Doing it yourself can get you far, but getting a professional to do it assures your number one place. You will be able to connect better with others and you will have actual people interested in your business, which means a large increase in traffic. It is the social media manager who will make you, and therefore your business, stand out from the rest.


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