Website idea

After doing a lot of keyword research and testing different niches I am interested in, I worked out that my first SEO website I would create would be on… gap years! The niche is not that big but it is growing as each year more and more students think about doing a gap year. And what’s more, I did one!

So I have around 16 keywords which I could rank close to number one for if I really produced quality articles. I will be writing an article for each keyword, and in each article I will add in some related keywords to the main one. This is what I have learnt to be SEO ing an article.

Although I won’t be able to set up the website yet, I can start preparing the articles, and honestly I’m looking forward to it because gap years are always an interesting topic.

On another note, I find it hard to have an article idea and then to SEO it. I want to write an article on my experience in Shanghai, however not only can I not find good keywords but I find it hard to pepper them into an article. Nonetheless, if I want people to actually visit this website I see no other way, since I’m not ready to show it to family members or friends yet.

I have started reading ‘Financial Statements’ by Thomas R. Ittelson and although it can be seen as boring, I know the knowledge I will gain from this book will take me very far in the future. I’ve also completed 4 gigs on Fiverr and this is my second post on this website! The plan seems to be moving on!